Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Earn Discounts

current discounts:
  • fill out questionaire to recieve 10% off purchase (applies to in-store and on-line purchases) For a limited time only. click here to do so now.
  • two coupons for hair accessories.. in store sale only! print off and bring into the store.. cannot be used on the same purchases with the questionaire discount.
To print image.. click to enlarge, and then print from your web browser\
or click here as ask me to send an e-mail attachmetn to you.

How to earn discounts, ESSIG CASH and free stuff (applies to online only):

  1. $2 off become a follower of my blog, and display my button (applies on first purchase only)
  2. 10% have 5 friends comment on my blog with their favorite items(and complete #1)
  3. 15% have 7 friends become followers of my blog (and complete #1)
  4. FREE BEE- (baby accessory) have 5 friends comment on my blog and have 1 friend purchase something (and complete #1)
  5. FREE BEE and one item 20% off : have 7 friends become a follower of my blog, and 2 friend purchases(and complete #1)
if you feel you have done just as much work... send me a quick note by clicking here and we can work something out. 

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