Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Nursing Covers and details



Small brown stripes on cream comes with brown ribbing

hearts (grey ribbing)

fun grey( white, off white)

cream and white stripes( whatever color ribbing is in stock)

pink (with wrinkles)
(ribbing: cream or white)

Multi-colored floral
(ribbing: grey, or white)

yellow and black dots
(ribbing: black)

Light pink poka (small print)


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Nursing cover Details

All nursing covers are made with light-weight fabric so that baby can breathe. While sitting, these covers are long enough to tuck nicely under your bum in the back and under baby in the front so that nothing is exposed (which is especially useful for older, more active babies). There is an elastic-type band around the top so that, if you choose to take an arm or two out, the cover will stay in place.


Kathy said...

They look well-made. How much?

PECK said...

way cute! I love your blog!

Josh and Brittany said...

I would like to buy one of your green floral nursing covers. Do you have a special discount for students? My name and phone number are Brittany (540) 429-3378

I will be leaving town next wednesday and was wondering if I could get it before then? thanks!

Summer said...

I love the trendy floral fabric!

Brandon and Michelle said...

I like the brown floral cover up!

Rodney and Erin said...

I wish I hadn't spent $17 towards a different nursing cover that flaps away from my body and my baby in the breeze (OH MY--the trauma I feel when that happens and I think someone may have seen something!!!). What a great idea. I love these. I may have to splurge and buy one anyway.