Thursday, October 29, 2009

baby accessories

newborn set (booties, no-scratch mittens, and a beanie) for
$15 with a free personalization
(first or last inital on the cap) Pictured above is  april dicky with pink ribbing click here to order now

Jingle Ball:

(extra-large jingleball with inital)
(large pumpkin shape with inital)

Soft cuddly jingle ball for all ages
jingles for extra fun
comes in sizes
small $ 5medium $7
large round or large pumpkin $9
extra large $11

you may choose from 2 or 3 patterns per ball:
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Socks, Mittens and Hats
These socks, mittens and hats are all handmade with high-quality fabric, which extends the life of the product along with the growth of the infant. Please see separate product details by clicking here.

baby boots:
Double layer socks to keep the arm in and the cold out.
Stretchy form fitting knit outer layer, and thick polar fleece inner layer.
Socks go up to baby's knees
(pictured above: brown ribbing with white fleece linning)
(pictured above: navy and turquoise polka with grey ribbing, and grey fleece linning)

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Socks that DON'T fall off:
Sock booties are especially designed to stay on your infant's feet, with many different fabrics to choose from. Mix and match the fabric and ribbing with no extra cost.

Socks can be worn separately or with shoes.

(for walking babies request no slip socks, with grips on the bottom)

$6 pair
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(pictured above: left: little girl with white ribbing, right: stripes with white ribbing)
mittens with thumbs
The elastic ribbing prevents mittens from getting lost.
$3 (pictured: april ducky with pink ribbing)
For infants under 4-5 months, mittens can be made without thumbs, providing extra warmth and scratch protection

 mittens not only can be made from the same variety of fabrics as the beanies and the socks, but from polar fleece as well...
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Beanie hats:

The hats are made to cover the infant's ears and back of the neck--to keep the cold out and the warmth in.

Made with a stretchy fabric that is soft, comfortable, and maintains its shape; it keeps the hat from falling over the child’s eyes
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Any item can be personalized for your infant or for a unique gift.


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Hair accessories click here to view all

all items can be ordered and picked up in the store:

Brittany Rae Boutique
17. W Main St
Rexburg, ID 83440

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

infant accessories fabric

unfortunately not all fabrics can be used for all the products sold
they are labled according to which products they best accomodate

All includes elastic ribbing

please refer to the picture above or e-mail me your questions
dark brown

dark purple

Pink and white stripes
mitten palm and sock foot

april ducky

Bright blue

baby blue fleece (mittens only)

Baby pink fleece(mittens only)

Brown flowers knit
mitten palm, sock foot, bini

Navy/turqoise poka

Lil' monkey knit

Cream knit

Spring flowers knit
mitten palm (recomended only for no-scratch 4-5 months and under) and sock foot

Ducky stretch terry
mitten palm, sock foot, beanie

Grey knit

Baby girl knit

Pink stripes stretch flannel
mitten palm, sock foot, beanie

Boy jungle animal knit


other fleece color availble include: hot pink, baby pink, brown, blue, light grey, grey, cream, white

nursing covers and fabrics

Victorian Peach
extra spacious nursing cover will work for sizes S-XL
100% cotton peach body with cream elastic ribbing

Trendy floral with purple elastic ribbing

Other nursing cover fabrics made to fit your exact size
Navy and turquoise poka

Light pink poka
small print

retro orange floral
large print

blue and grey plaid
large print

brown floral

elastic ribbing colors include:

light grey

cream (as shown on the victorian peach)

dark purple(as shown on the trendy floral)

dark brown

Friday, October 16, 2009

Answers to questions

There are several things that determine the price:
  1. Cost of material, some material is simply more expensive than others
  2. labor... I charge very cheap labor on most items, for most items it would cost the same to purchase from me as it would to make it yourself.
can I make a nursing cover out of fabric that you already have?
  1. Yes I can, however some fabrics are more ideal than others.
  2. If you are interested in having a cover made out of fabric that you already have, or want suggestions on what type of fabric to get please e-mail me
  3. I try to get new fabrics often, so check my fabrics for nursing covers,childrens accessories fabrics, and bow-tie fabrics first before to see if there are new ones that you like..
  4. If you like one of the fabrics, and want it to be used to make an item that it is not listed for, fill out an e-mail form and I can make that for you
  1. You may pay with cash if you live locally. 
  2. You may also send a check, however I will not send your shipment until I receive your payment.
  3. Other wise you must pay with pay pal.. a safe and secure and FREE way to pay.
  4. To pay with PayPal you must have a paypal account, once you check "pay with pay pal" on your order form, instruction on how to do so will follow.
  5. If you would like to set-up a PayPal account or need a tutorial, click here 
  1. If you live locally and want to pick-up your order You can during store hours, Pick-up location:
Brittany Rae Boutique
17 W main
Rexburg ID, 83440
Hours: M-F: 11-8
  2.  For items shipped I charge a flat rate of $3 (this includes the cost of packaging and shipping)
  3. Orders over $50 are free!!!
    1. I do trade, so if you think there is something that I might be interested in, please fill out an e-mail form
    2. However i only use the origional price of an item for a trade NOT the sale price
    3. If you are unsure.. send me a e-mail anyway.

    If there are any questions that have not been answered fill out an e-mail form and it will be answered shortly:
    click here for the form

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    Tuesday, October 13, 2009

    Nursing Covers and details



    Small brown stripes on cream comes with brown ribbing

    hearts (grey ribbing)

    fun grey( white, off white)

    cream and white stripes( whatever color ribbing is in stock)

    pink (with wrinkles)
    (ribbing: cream or white)

    Multi-colored floral
    (ribbing: grey, or white)

    yellow and black dots
    (ribbing: black)

    Light pink poka (small print)


    ORDER or ask question by: clicking here

    Nursing cover Details

    All nursing covers are made with light-weight fabric so that baby can breathe. While sitting, these covers are long enough to tuck nicely under your bum in the back and under baby in the front so that nothing is exposed (which is especially useful for older, more active babies). There is an elastic-type band around the top so that, if you choose to take an arm or two out, the cover will stay in place.

    Coat Details

    Each coat is original and unique, with it's own specifc appliques. All coats are constructed with an outer layer, an insulation layer, and an inner liner. They can be machine washed and dried.

    There is growth-room allowed in the arms so when the child is younger, he/she can sport the coat with rolled up sleeves (as shown above), with the fashionable inner liner showing. As the child grows, the coat arms can be adjusted.
    coats are made by request and range from $30-$60
    if you are interested in having a coat made please e-mail me or leave a comment: