Friday, October 16, 2009

Answers to questions

There are several things that determine the price:
  1. Cost of material, some material is simply more expensive than others
  2. labor... I charge very cheap labor on most items, for most items it would cost the same to purchase from me as it would to make it yourself.
can I make a nursing cover out of fabric that you already have?
  1. Yes I can, however some fabrics are more ideal than others.
  2. If you are interested in having a cover made out of fabric that you already have, or want suggestions on what type of fabric to get please e-mail me
  3. I try to get new fabrics often, so check my fabrics for nursing covers,childrens accessories fabrics, and bow-tie fabrics first before to see if there are new ones that you like..
  4. If you like one of the fabrics, and want it to be used to make an item that it is not listed for, fill out an e-mail form and I can make that for you
  1. You may pay with cash if you live locally. 
  2. You may also send a check, however I will not send your shipment until I receive your payment.
  3. Other wise you must pay with pay pal.. a safe and secure and FREE way to pay.
  4. To pay with PayPal you must have a paypal account, once you check "pay with pay pal" on your order form, instruction on how to do so will follow.
  5. If you would like to set-up a PayPal account or need a tutorial, click here 
  1. If you live locally and want to pick-up your order You can during store hours, Pick-up location:
Brittany Rae Boutique
17 W main
Rexburg ID, 83440
Hours: M-F: 11-8
  2.  For items shipped I charge a flat rate of $3 (this includes the cost of packaging and shipping)
  3. Orders over $50 are free!!!
    1. I do trade, so if you think there is something that I might be interested in, please fill out an e-mail form
    2. However i only use the origional price of an item for a trade NOT the sale price
    3. If you are unsure.. send me a e-mail anyway.

    If there are any questions that have not been answered fill out an e-mail form and it will be answered shortly:
    click here for the form

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    Kellie said...

    i have no children. so instead you should make me a duvet cover that has purple and green in it. ok thanks! hahaha this is awesome i'm way proud of you!