Tuesday, April 6, 2010

my original patterns

I have been accused of copying patterns from others,
I  would like to state that: I do not purchase patterns, use those and sell them.
I believe that doing so is considered stealing.

I have created my own nursing cover pattern. And finally perfected my baby shoes pattern from my previous "socks that don't fall off" pattern.
I am very proud of both patterns, and the hard work that I put into making them.

Thank you,
Laura Essig

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PECK said...

It's true...Just the other day we were talking about how horrible it is when people copy other people's patterns and designs. Laura wouldn't do that!!

Stimpson Family said...

I'm sorry that people have been offering unkind accusations. This sucks I'm sure. Those people probable have never sewed before or never created anything before. Because if they had, they would know that there's always going to be something similar to what they created. Unfortunately there are those out there that do not understand copyrights, but that doesn't seem to be an issue here. How many ways are there to skin a cat? Who knows, but there are only so many ways to cover a sweet baby or standard baby items. And the simpler an item is the easier it is to resemble someone else's work.
Sorry, Laura that people are giving you a hard time. Best of luck with it all.

Jana said...

I don't know how someone could accuse you of copying your nursing cover pattern because I have NEVER seen them done like that before! I love it, I would be willing to purchase a pattern from you to make my own! or I might have to just go ahead and buy one anyway! I love the idea of full-coverage, way better than fly-away blanket types!!