Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Only Nursing covers

Please feel free to explore my Blog. Unfortunately now with two children I don't have time to make and sell many items on my site, but I will continue to make and sell my most popular item the Completely covered Nursing cover. You may e-mail me directly at or you can fill out an orderform and it will come to me that way. All orders are to be shipped only as the store closed down a few months ago.

I also mostly do only pre-made items but feel free to check with me about a custom order.


Laura Essig

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Jana said...

you should check in to what it would cost to have your nursing covers sold at the Mommy 'n Me store in town. they have a lot of boutique/consignment items and I think your nursing cover would make a great addition to their store because no one else makes them like you do. I was talking to a couple people when I was there the other day about your covers and how they are so much better than anything else out there, so I think moms going there would love to see them! (it's in an old house across from Melaleuca in case you didn't know where the new location is. New owner too, and run so much better!)